Friday, April 22, 2022

The Struggle to Remove McAfee is Real!

One of the ways to protect yourself against computer viruses is by having an anti-virus. One anti-virus company decided that it was a good idea to include itself as bloatware when buying a brand name computer and this company is McAfee. I'm using the term bloatware heavily here because those that don't want this anti-virus will have a very difficult time in removing it.

Weirdly enough, the folks at McAfee knows about this hence they create a software to uninstall their anti-virus... you saw this correctly - you need to download a software to delete another one. It makes no sense but that's what you need to do.
Not only does it make not sense but it also doesn't really work properly because to uninstaller won't uninstall software while its in use and it's very difficult to disable this anti-virus.

I curse you McAfee!

I don't know if they're a good anti-virus but I know for a fact that they would make a very good virus themselves.

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