Friday, April 15, 2022

Ultra Street Fighter II is a Beast!

My latest fighting game acquisition is Ultra Street Fighter II the Final Challenger on the Switch. It likely is the best way to play Street Fighter II on modern hardware as it contains the upgraded graphics from "Remix" (Ps3/Xbox 360 Arcade) as well as some tweaks by the devs to make things more balance. 

While it may be the best way to play the game, it's not to say that it's not without its flaws. Tournaments, for earlier versions of this game, would usually ban Akuma since he was considered to be too overpowered compared to the other combatants. Not only does he still feel too powerful, in this latest entry, but capcom also saw fit to include 2 other over powered characters namely: Violent Ken and Evil Ryu. Both these new characters are just reskins of the original with overpowered move sets and speed. Because of this, most uses these characters in online matches (assuming you can find an online match today).
It makes sense to have Akuma as an overpowered character, especially in the original game, as he was a boss and a hidden character but in this version he's not only available from the start he also come with 2 other overpowered characters... I wished capcom didn't feel the need to add these characters into the game.

Something I appreciate about Ultra Street Fighter 2 The Final Challenger is that it's much more approachable than the Street Fighter 2 offering included in the 30th anniversary edition. The reason for this is because the 30th anniversary edition included the Arcade version of these games which had a pretty steep difficulty. Ultra's is the game you'd probably want to practice with before even starting playing the versions found in the 30th AE.

So what is this? Is this a review of the game? Opinion? I have no idea... all I know is that I've been playing this game almost every day since getting it a few weeks ago and felt like talking about it. 

You should get it too maybe?

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