Friday, April 8, 2022

Can We Talk about Xbox One Controllers for a Min?

I've recently had to change the nipple of my joystick on my Xbox One controller and was pleasantly surprised to see how easy this was compared to doing it on the Xbox 360 controller.

In order to do this on the 360, you had to unscrew 7 screws and remove the electronic panel completely from the case in order to access the buttons/joystick area.
With the Xbox One controller, you have to remove 2 back panels, unscrew 5 screws, flip the controller over to remove the front panel, and you then have access to the joysticks/button. Putting everything back together is much simpler here than it is with the 360 controller.

Joystick maintenance is something that occurs fairly frequently and I think Microsoft understood this with their design of the Xbox One controller. I love that the controller didn't "fall apart" upon opening it.

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