Friday, April 1, 2022

Every Game Genre is Beatable

I've mentioned before that Fighting games are notoriously difficult to master and the difficulty comes in the A.I. ability to react, perfectly, to everything you throw at it. Low level players tend to play very aggressively and the low level A.I. is usually designed to die from it. 

To me, the real leaning of a fighting game starts against high level A.I. Being an aggressive player, at a higher level, doesn't work because the the A.I. knows exactly how to counter that aggressivity. The game forces you to approach it the way it was designed to be approached. It's not about you rushing at the enemy to do your combos as much as it is to wait and counter the A.I. as it approaches you.

Every game, whether it be a fighting game or a difficult game from another genre, is beatable given enough time with it. I find there's something beautiful about someone mastering a difficult game. It's pretty impressive, for example, to see someone beat a game like Street Fighter II, or Dark Souls, without being hit as you just know that it must of took a lot of time to get to that point.

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