Friday, June 3, 2022

What IS Need For Speed?

The NFS franchise as been around for a few decades and gone through quite significant changes over the years. If you ask racing fans which NFS game is the best you'll likely get different answers. My cousin, for example, as fond memories of NFS Prostreet which was one of my least favorite. Many have fond memories of the Undercover games yet I would argue that part of the reason they're remembered so fondly is because their release coincided with the Fast and Furious movement. Let's ask ourselves...

What IS Need For Speed?

NFS is different things to different people. For me, NFS is the following:
  1. Arcade racing with good drifting mechanics.
  2. Car customization.
  3. Cops.
Ghost Games' (RIP) take on the NFS series included all of the above which, unsurprisingly, is the reason why the few recent NFS games are amongst my favorites with Need For Speed (2015) being the best of them all as it was as close as anyone had ever gotten to capturing the Undercover nostalgia. 

Little is know about the next NFS entry other than it's being worked on by devs from Criterion, Codemasters & Ghost Games. Criterion's last few attempts were solid but they omitted the car customization. My hope is that the next entry in the series will include all of the above.

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