Friday, July 15, 2022

Racing Wheel Isn't For Everyone

I've always been a fan of racing games and wanted a racing wheel for the longest time. I managed to get my hands on the G920 recently and was left disappointed. The wheel itself has no issues it's actually using it, over a controller, that's somewhat of a frustration to me.

The major issue here is that I'm good at racing games while using my controller not the racing wheel. It's like needing to learn how to walk again which is very difficult to me to do. Basically, I went from being top 3 on the hardest of difficulties to being near the bottom at an easier difficulty... I mean, do I even know how to drive at all?

Speaking to a friend of mine, he said that wheel does require some getting use to as it adds an extra dimension to the racing game. You feel the road in such a way that wasn't possible before with a controller and must become accustomed to it.

Time for me to learn to drive I guess?

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