Friday, July 22, 2022

Do you like to Win Races?

 Many, if not all, modern racing games comes with a host of accessibility features designed to make the experience more approachable. Some people need these in order to play while others use them in order to simply get that jolt of dopamine every time they win. My question to you today is: Do you play to win or do you play because you want to race? In other words, do you go easy on yourself by using these accessibility features (assuming you don't have a disability that requires them) or do you go through the pain to actually get better in the game?

I've been a virtual racer for most of my life using a controller and recently got my hands on a racing wheel which I thought would be an easy transition - it wasn't. Over the years, using the controller, I had learned to forgo accessibility settings and use the hardest of difficulties for the A.I. but with introduction of the wheel I started looking at those accessibility features again thinking to myself that I needed to climb that ladder again. 
Then it kind of hit me: I was looking at the accessibility features because I cared more about winning than actually racing. I didn't want to go through the "pain" of loosing every race until I got good.

Videos games have helped create scenarios where players constantly win because it's been proven that people prefer to win than loose. We're more likely to play games if we feel like we're progressing/winning than if we're loosing. We feel that we're not making any progress when we loose when infact we learn just as much from it, from a skill perspective, than winning it easy. 

It's frustrating to loose the races that I used to win easily at, as the wheel is adding a dimension I'm not used to, but I don't want to make it easier on myself anymore.

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