Friday, July 1, 2022

Take Away the Microtransactions And Diablo Immortals Is Still "Meh"

It's been reported that Diablo Immortals has made a crazy amount of money and I find this fact very surprising considering how stale the game felt to me. As someone who's been through hundreds, if not thousands, of rifts throughout the many seasons of Diablo 3 seeing it again in Diablo Immortal just felt not only familiar but lazy.

Rifts, for those of you who doesn't know, are basically dungeons where you kill monsters to fill up a meter until a boss appears that, once defeated, drops loot. The more difficult the rift, the higher chances of getting better loot... at least that's how it used to work in Diablo 3 but in Diablo Immortals the chances at good loot is heavily influence by items that you have to purchase with real money.

One of the best thing about the game is how you can just run into another player, get a group together, and venture forth with them. There's somewhat of an enjoyable MMO feel to the experience but everything else feels like a step down or deja vu from Blizzard previous entry in the series. This is very much a mobile game in every sense of the word which is likely why I didn't connect to the game as it's not a market that appeals to me.

The game is "free" with a good chunk of it that you can do before you even become aware of the monetization but once it's starts to hit it won't let go. The game has been intricately weaved with layers of microtransactions enough so that it would require you to spend time just learning about them all and their uses. Once you reach the end, you can still play without paying anything but your progress will severely be hindered and perhaps that's when you'll need to ask yourself "what's the point?".

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