Friday, August 26, 2022

Stop Making Games for Fans?

Game companies are quick to say that they listen to the fans while making their games but is that really a good thing? Can anyone say that the games that was made for fans was more successful than the one that wasn't?
When a musician tries to make music to please the fans they usually end up pleasing no one. The best example I have for this is with Sum41 that started off as a punk rock band but by the third/fourth album they all but lost their way in an attempt to make music to appeal to whatever was popular at the time (remember their emo album?)

While it's normal for an artist to want to make something that will be loved, that's how they get paid after all, the reality is that if it's not who they are then the listeners will feel it.

Here's the thing about fans; they don't know what they want. One will say that they want more explosions from their games while another will say they want better control... Since you can't please everyone, why not do something that you like and release it to the world as it is. It may not be loved but it will be authentic.

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