Friday, February 22, 2019

Andrew Wakefield's Anti-Vaccine Mess

Andrew Wakefield is widely regarded as the father of the Anti-Vaccine movement. His "proofs" that vaccine causes autism have always been baseless. Many scientists, with actual facts, have all but debunked his claims but the movement still endures. This has become such a problem that we see outbreaks of previously instinct diseases such as measles.

What was the thought process behind Andrew's vaccine propaganda? While the man has been discredited as a scientist, he went on to write many books on the subject and became a millionaire in the process. One has to wonder if his goal wasn't purely to cash in on society's ignorance and fears.
Andrew is nobody's hero. Because of him, people are dying from diseases that could easily be prevented with a vaccine.

Vaccines doesn't cause autism but even if it did - would you rather you kid die or have autism? Many seem to think that autism is worse than death. Makes no sense to me.

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