Friday, March 29, 2019

Precision Medicine

What do you do today when you’re sick? You may decide to go to the pharmacy to get over the counter medicine or go to a doctor that will prescribe something for you.
The problem with the medicine available today is the fact that it’s not specifically designed for you which is the reason why you may experience side effects from using them.

Precision Medicine, also known as “Genomic Medicine” , is the process of creating medicine specific to you based on your DNA.
Creating precision medicine is still but an idea today but we already know that the process would be time consuming for the simple reason that there are a lot of data to analyze before a prescription can be made. Things will obviously improve over time especially once artificial intelligence becomes better integrated with the health care system.

It is not that farfetched to imagine a distant future where we could be getting our precision medicine from a vending machine by providing some of our DNA. You could walk in a corner store, give some of your blood, and, 10 minutes later, *BAM!* - you get a box of pills.

This is still not Star Trek level of health care but it's getting pretty close!

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