Friday, April 5, 2019

AI for Game NPCs?

Games suffers from terrible “AI” (if we can call it that). Every game genre as it’s issues with dumb, simple minded, NPCs for the sake of filling out the gameworld.
FPS has enemies basically run at you and shoot. RPG has enemies do the same attacks over and over with little variations. Racing games have cars basically drive in a straight line.

With the rise of AI, why not use this to help provide a breath of fresh air to the video game industry? Wouldn’t it be great to play and have the game truly feel different from each play-through because there’s an AI that is adapting to your every moves and tries different tactics?

Perhaps the issue lie with the majority of players. Maybe those players want to play a game where things are easy and predictable. I do want to play against AI, or cooperatively, with them - I want to see what strategy they come up with on the easiest vs hardest difficulty.

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