Friday, March 22, 2019

Is Selective Breeding Proof of Evolution?

Those that don't believe in evolution have to pay closer attention to what humans have done to some species via selective breeding.
According to, "selective breeding involves selecting parents that have characteristics of interest in the hope that their offspring inherit those desirable characteristics."

The following are examples of animals species that have been bred through selective breeding:
  • The Lykoi Cat - Also known as the werewolf cat, has been bred to look like a werewolf. The mutation is natural in cats but the specie was created by breeders looking for that mutation.
  • The Belgian Blue - Is a cattle with a bigger muscle mass than normal. It came as a result of breeding the strongest cattle together for generations.
  • The selective breeding process is also applied to any sort of "Purebred" pets.
Selective breeding can also be applied to crops. Farmers, for example, can take the seeds of plants that have grown the most during a given year instead of taking the seeds of the plants that haven't produce as much.

By doing this, humans have been able to create new species of animals, or better crops, within a few generations.
Why is this proof of evolution? Simply put, the same process is occurring in nature but it takes millions of years rather than a few generation because the process is not structured like it is in selective breeding.

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