Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Division 2 Open Beta - Initial Impression

I played roughly 10 hours of the first division until I got tired of the grind formula so prevalent in FPS RPGs of today.

I played on The Division 2 on the Xbox One and had no connection issues or any problems. I did have a great time with The Division 2 but I couldn’t see any changes, in the grind area, from my small exposure to it. It’s pretty much the same game but in a new setting/city.
Obviously, you get the typical improvements that you would expect from a version 2.0 of something. The controls are better, the sounds are better, the graphics are better…
It just didn’t look like it did much to improve on the core formula that is to re-do/grind the same areas over and over again for better gear. I mean, why don’t we have more environments that changes every time you play? I don’t like seeing the same corridors or having the enemies spawn exactly at the same spot when I join the same dungeon for better gear.

With that being said, I obviously didn't see the end content. But from what I saw, if you crazy enjoyed the first division, and many of you did, then you will love the second one.
For those of us that only enjoyed the first division game for roughly 10 hours ... maybe we need to wait until this one unravels before we buy.

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