Friday, April 26, 2019

Naruto Fillers Episodes Are BAD!

I recently finished watching the Naruto/Naruto Shippuden series and I have to say that all filler episodes, without exceptions, were bad. Considering that about 80% of the 720 episodes are fillers ... it doesn't leave much room for the good stuff. Thankfully, the story episodes are so good that it makes watching the series worth it.

Why the heck do some anime have so much filler episodes? Is the writer just running out of ideas or trying to branch the story off into too many different directions? Is it too much to ask for a story to focus on the main events rather than branch off in every which way?

Yes I'm aware that Naruto was finished in 2015 and a Boruto series is now running (which follows the story of Naruto's son). Since the new series is written by a different author, I wonder how it all going to work out. Is it going to be just fillers? Is the story line just as good as in Naruto?

Ouuuu I can't wait!

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