Friday, May 3, 2019

The Computer Simulation Experiment

Do we live in a computer simulation? Is it that farfetch of a theory to believe considering that we have the means to create computer simulated world ourselves?

There’s a theory out there that says we live in a computer simulator. That same theory says that if we wanted to recreate this world, we would need a computer the size of a planet to do so.
Why not attempt to create a simulated world using the means that we have available to us today? We have A.I. technology, we have powerful computers and we have created hundreds of video game worlds for our entertainment. Why not take, for example, a mmorpg and throw in a few A.I. in the mix and see how they will learn to live within the rules of the game. Will they form communities and join forces to tackle the most difficult foes? Will they start developing their own language? Will they try to change the rules of the game or wonder what lies beyond it?

Let's start small. It would be interesting to see how our little civilization would grow. We may end up understanding ourselves more in the process.

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