Friday, May 10, 2019

Limited Resources for Space Exploration

Our planet has limited resources and too much of it is going to waste. I firmly believe that we are a specie destine to explore the stars but we can only do this once we understand that our resources are limited. We must therefore prioritize its use for what matters most - which is the technological requirement for space exploration.

I doubt we will ever find enough resources on this planet to build the type of spaceships we see in those Sci-Fi movies. We must therefore look into exploiting the resources from nearby planets and space rocks to find those resources. A.I and robotic may be of use to us for these types of activities.

What I feel we need is not just a good recycling program but also a prioritization of our resources to accomplish those goals related to space exploration. If we don't do this, then we might come to a point where we do not have the resources necessary to do anything about space exploration.

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