Friday, May 17, 2019

Any Specie Can Destroy an Environment

I recently saw a picture on Facebook that said that we, humans, were the only Earthly specie that were destroying the environment. According to the picture, every other species on the planet was beneficial to the planet.


Sure, nature does work well together when everything is in balance but if you shift that balance, with only one specie, the environment is negatively impacted. If you take an area with 400 turtles, for example, and it grows to 10 000 then it goes without saying that they will destroy the environment they are in until the balance is restored. Having more of the same specie means that their food sources will be hunted more, they will poop more and pretty much destroy their habitat.

Humans are definitely an invasive specie but so would be any other specie that grows to be 7 billions. We are, however, the only specie that has a degree of awareness which helps us identify the negative impact that we have, albeit often too late, on Earth. On the same note, we are also the only specie that has the power to save that same environment we carelessly destroyed.

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