Friday, May 31, 2019

What I Look For in a TV

Buying a T.V. can be a headache when you consider that every company has it's own little quirks. You hear of OLED, QLED, Motion FLow, XMotion ... etc and some of those things does very little for the commoner other than being a marketing gimmick. What I look for in a televisions is the following:
  • Native Refresh Rate - Not "motionflow", not "X motion" or w/e else companies are calling it. Native Refresh Rate is ultimately the speed at which the image is shown on the screen. The higher the number (there's nothing higher than 240hz in TVs currently) the better it is. Every other names companies have for this (Xmotion, Motion Flow) is nothing more than a software duplicating the same image a few times on the screen. While this helps with picture motion fluidity, it is not the same as the TV going back to the source to get multiple (60/120/240) images every second.
  • Size - Bigger is not necessarily better. My computer monitor is a 32 inch Flat Screen Sony T.V. - to have anything better for that purpose would require me to turn my head to see each side of it. 55-65 inch is usually what I'm looking for in a living room setting.
  • Ports - How many HDMI ports does the TV have? Where are they located?
  • Glare - I want to be able to put this in any room without having to worry about lighting.
  • Color Gamut - Are the black real black? Is white snow white or is it more of a pale brownish color?

What I don't care about in a TV:
  • Smart - This added software does nothing to me as far as TV goes because my TVs are always connected to either a console or a PC. I've always preferred those types of dashboards over the ones included as part of a Smart TV.
  • Resolution - Pretty much all TVs today are either 1080p or 4K so it's not necessarily something that you have to be on the lookout for anymore.
  • Speakers - I do want speakers with my TV but it doesn't really matter how good they are because they'll never be as good as a added surround sound or a good pair of headphones.
  • Brand - Some believe some brands to be better than others but , similar to cars, it doesn't really matter what brand you get for your TV. They are all essentially built the same way regardless of what the marketing tells you. I've had good and bad experiences with both popular and cheaper brands as far as TVs are concerned.

Can you relate to my list? What is important to you when buying a new T.V.?

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