Friday, June 7, 2019

When The Sequel isn't As Good

Typically, a version 2 of something is supposed to be a continuity, and sometime an improvement, of its predecessor but it isn't always the case. If we look at movies, there are many sequels that are nothing more than cash grabs. People go in expecting to get a similar experience as the first and are left disappointment.

More recently, I got this feeling with The Crew/The Crew 2. I'm in the odd situation where I played The Crew 2 before The Crew. I never had an interest for the series but got the second game on special and It was good enough for me to get curious about the first one. Basically, I wanted to know what were the areas that were improved between the two games.
I was surprised at how much I connected to the first the crew versus its predecessor. Even though they are from the same series, they took completely different directions - with the first one having much more interesting mechanics than the second.

There are many reasons why subsequent version aren't as good as the original and it's almost always due to money and/or team changes. People working on those projects go in wanting to improve on the original by making changes they feel are best (or most cost effective) but because they don't have the same direction as the original the it just falls flat.

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