Friday, August 9, 2019

Anyone heard of a new Suikoden Game Coming?

I once owned the entire Suikoden collection and played each game in the series repeatedly. I consider this series to be a hidden gem - it wasn't really popular in the West but it was a great RPG with ideas that were quite different from the other RPGs available at the time (108 playable characters? Crazy!)

After the, somewhat, mediocre entry on the DS in 2012 (called Suikoden Tierkreis) the series has gone silent. Why?

Well I think we can answer this question with another question ... has anyone seen a game from Konami in recent years? The Konami video game division is a shadow of its former self. They currently pretty much only release new PES games every year. Everything else is on the back burner and there's no news of them doing anything else anytime soon.

Too bad they can't sell the rights to the franchise to a someone who could run with it. It would be great to have a port, re-release, or a new entry in that old, but not forgotten, series.

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