Friday, August 2, 2019

My Favorite Tactical Games!

My craving for a good tactical game was reignited with the release of Fire Emblem Treehouses. Intelligent Systems, the folks behind the Fire Emblem franchise, have mastered the art of making tactical games. It just "feels" right to play and it begs the question ... what does it take for a tactical game to be good?

There are many tactical games out there but only a handful of those are actually fun to play. Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem, Into The Breach, Civilizations are among my personal favorites and I like them for various reasons as mentioned below:
  • Final Fantasy Tactic - The tactical elements feels at home in the Final fantasy universe. The animation is, as you would expect from a SquareEnix game, top notch. Add a cool story line to the mix and you've got a winner!
  • Civilization - Want to play a game that you won't be able to put down? This is pretty much the case of all civilization games. There's not really a story line to it but playing helps you learn about important events in our history.
  • Into The Breach - Quick picker upper, this is a winner. Every time you play, the map looks different and it takes maybe 10 minutes to win/loose the match. Since this game is also on the Switch; it's the perfect game for those that are on the go.
  • Fire Emblem - Tactical game done right. Decision count in this game and it's nice to be able to pair up characters and see their friendship blossom (sometime into relationships). You should play this game in classic more where loosing someone during a skirmish mean that they're gone for the rest of the game.
What is your favorite tactical game?

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