Friday, July 26, 2019

Product Life Cycle Must Include "Recycle"

In today's high consumption world, most product life cycle ends when it reaches the customer. The mentality seems to be that once the product reaches the customer; it's out of the companies hands.
This has to change. The life cycle of a product must also include recycling. Why is it that in today's world, we can't easily do simple maintenance on 80% of the electronics with buy? You got an old iPhone? Sorry, you can't change that battery on your own - you have to go through an "approve" store and pay excessive fees to have the battery replace.

I understand that the customer also plays a part in all this. I mean, do we really need to change vehicle every year? Do we need the latest and greatest gadgets? Probably not.

Some companies are becoming more mindful about how they build their products but we still have much to do. Why can't we recycle, or re-use, part of old televisions? We still have much to do. This is a crisis that requires our full attention so that we can maximize the use of our limited resources on this planet.

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