Friday, July 19, 2019

Mario Maker 2 - Online is a Must!

Mario Maker series is making buying regular 2D Mario games difficult. With the ability to design your own levels you could, if you wanted, recreate every levels of previous 2D Mario games that came out. While the game on its own is awesome, you do need to have an internet connection if you want to appreciate this title fully. This means that you will need to shell out the 25$ or so for the online subscription.

Thankfully, it's possible to buy the game and a subscription bundled up together for 89$ (+tax) - saving roughly 15$ in the process.

Why do you need online anyway?
Simply put, the single player side of it is great but limited. The Strength of the Mario Maker series is to experience levels that other people have created and that's only possible with the online subscription.

The "Endless Challenge" mode.
The "Endless Challenge" mode is the highlight of this game. In this mode, you play user defined levels after user define levels. Obviously, not all user define levels are great ... most are terrible in fact but they all offer good enough entertainment. You'll rarely get the same level twice. You will, however, probably have to fight the same bosses over and over again. For the love of God people - stop adding bosses to your levels!

In conclusion, if you plan on buying this game you also need to buy the online subscription. The game on its own is great but the online experience is where it truly shines. "Let's a Go!"

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