Friday, July 12, 2019

Medical Field need A.I. & Robots

We're often afraid that robots will take our jobs but some fields would actually benefit from having them. The medical field, which cost close to 228 billions in Canada, is not only expensive but requires so much of its employees that many change career paths altogether.
I thank every person that chooses a career in the medical field. Thank you for the sacrifices to keep us from enjoying our life. I know a few nurses, doctors, and other health practitioners and see the struggle they are going through.

As I mentioned before, many are not able to handle the sacrifices required for the job and leave to pursue other careers. Those jobs are not easily filled and the population is aging; which in turns mean we need more health personnel... it doesn't look good.

The medical field is one where we actually need to have A.I. to take some of the work. Why not have a machine do hearth surgeries? Why not have an A.I. assist a doctor in a diagnosis? Why not have a robot move a patient from one room to another?

The demand for health is ever increasing and we're not currently able to handle the demand. The Healthcare needs to seriously consider the A.I./Robotic route if it wants to continue being able to provide good service to all.

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