Friday, July 5, 2019

Should You Buy a eReader?

For the longest time, I used either an iPad or a Samsung tablet as an eReader thinking that it was the best solution for reading digital books. Sure, they do a good enough job on their own but now that I got myself an eReader - I can't see myself going back to a tablet. The below are reasons why everyone needs a dedicated eReader:
  • No Interruptions - Tablets are entertainment consuming devices. There are many things that can take your attention away from reading your book. An eReader is basically a tablet where you can only read books from. You can't install Youtube/Facebook or any other apps. You pick it up to read: That's it!
  • No Glare - I didn't think this would be a big bonus to me but it is. No glare means that you can read your book in any room, or outside, without worrying about the lighting.
  • Battery Life - Tablets have brighter, multicolored, screens that uses a lot of energy. With my Ipad, I could maybe get 10-12 hours of reading time before needing to recharge. A Dedicated eReader can go weeks without needing a recharge.
  • Water Resistant - Some eReaders are now water resistant. While I don't read in the bath, or outside when it rains, It's still nice to be able to carry that around without worrying about protecting it from water.
  • Storage - My Samsung tablet only had 8 gig of storage and, since I used it for other purposes than reading, I would often run out of space. Since you can't install apps on an eReader, the space is 100% dedicated to book. A 8Gig tablet can store 5000 books - it's more than most people will need.
I can't see myself going back to a tablet, or even my phone, to read books. Now that I have one in my hands, I see what the fuss was all about and feel foolish to have attempted to use a tablet in-lieu of it.
If you are on the fence on whether to get one or not, know that some book store have eReaders on display that people can play with. Go and check one out for yourself. Happy Reading!

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