Friday, September 6, 2019

[Spoiler] Avengers End Game - I Hated "This" About It

If you haven't seed Avengers End Game at this point then you should skip this post as it contains SPOILERS (and you should probably go watch it).

While we did get what we paid to go see (an epic battle with Thanos) how it got to that point was a pain for me to watch. I know I won't be part of the majority here but I had hated the storyline - more specifically the introduction of time travel/multiverse.

There are many reasons why this isn't a bad idea:
  • It's Complicated - This had unnecessary complication to the plot and can confuse the audience as a result.
  • It's Lazy- All problems can be solved with time travel/multiverse. Nobody is really dead, nothing is ever lost. They literally could of gone back in time and kill Thanos as a baby instead of trying to get the "Infinity Stones" making the entire plot pointless.
  • Dependency on It - This isn't just a one time thing - now every time they run out of ideas they're going to use time travel.
Look I get it, the comic books had many instances of time travel and multiverses but I hated those too... It's just not my thing. Did you enjoy Avengers End Game?

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