Friday, September 20, 2019

Wordpress Impress

I was recently helping a friend get started with her blog. When she asked which service to use, I quickly replied "you should give Blogger a try" since I had been using the service for roughly 10 years and it had served me well for all this time.

Her experience with Blogger was nothing short of frustration. Everything she did with her template didn't look right. She would try to change the text to a different color and it wouldn't change. Her website looked off on mobile devices as well ... She quickly dropped the service and tried Wordpress and she managed to make a beautiful site within mere minutes. It was so pretty, infact, that I decided to fiddle around the tool myself.

I was blown away at how easy it was to make things look right. Blogger - I still like you bud but you need to get your head in the game. You are loosing big time to the competition.
This is only one of the many services available. I didn't even try the likes of "Wix" or "Squarespace" etc... Maybe it's time for me to switch gears and move on to a new service?

Eventually that will happen but for now I'm just fiddling with the tool see what I can do with it. If you're curious, have a look at my Wordpress site here!

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