Friday, October 25, 2019

Don't Buy Extended Warranties for PC

Extended warranties that only promises to fix what is broken in your computer, for the next 5 years, are pretty much useless. Insurance companies are betting on the fact that you will upgrade which ever part that breaks rather than simply replace it with the same one.
Computer parts also decreases in price over time. Your fancy Ge-force Titan card may be more than a thousand dollars today but it won't be in 3 years - which gives an additional reason for insurance companies to push their extended warranties to you.

This happened to me a few years ago where I had bought a brand new, top of the line, computer. The extended, 5 years, warranty would of costed me about 500$ for the entire PC. I refused to take it and after about 4-5 years my graphic card started acting up. Obviously, after all this time my top of the line graphic card wasn't really worth much anymore and I could find it for about 60$... but if you need to replace something in your PC why wouldn't you take this opportunity to upgrade it instead? This is what I did and then entire thing ended costing me 80$.
Since I hadn't bought the extended warranty, and nothing else broke, I ended up saving 420$ over that 5 year period.

This is when I realized first hand that extended warranties are not worth it. The computer parts looses value so fast that by the time they need to be replaced they cost only a fraction of the original price - often that price is lower than the total cost of the extended warranty.
Keep in mind that most companies will offer a 1 to 2 year warranty out of the box so if there are any defects with the components then they should show up within that time frame.

Stay away from extended warranties.

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