Friday, November 1, 2019

What I'm Looking for In the Next Gen Console

We are already at the dawn of the next generation console and we're hearing rumors here and there of what's to come. Time will tell on whether or not those rumors are true but nothing stops us from dreaming of what might be. The below is a list of things that I would like to see in the next generation consoles:
  • Backward Compatible - Most games are getting the remastered treatment nowadays but there are still a handful of my favorites that haven't crossed over to the next generation. Wouldn't it be too much to ask for the next generation console to be able to support those old, but still loved, games?
  • Gameplay Streaming - The current generation console has been mostly great as far as streaming goes. The PS4 has an integrated button that makes it even easier to snap a quick video, start a streaming session, or record the last few minutes of gameplay. The problem is that it's not as quick as it should be. I would like the next generation console to expand on that offering and make it snappier (especially on the Xbox).
  • Draw Distance - Granted, this one is more of a game company wish than a console wish but I would love to see crazy draw distances for our open world type of games coming next. Currently, things look great up close but they get blurry fast at a distance. I would rather have a game at a lower resolution, but with higher draw distance, than to have 4k gaming.
  • Refresh Rate - If you've played on a 60hz monitor and a 120hz+ monitor with hardware/software that can support the higher refresh rate then you know what I'm talking about here. A higher refresh rate reduces motion blur effect during quick movement and makes everything clearer. It's currently difficult for most games to have 4K graphics with more than 60hz... but here, I would again be okay with a lower resolution with higher refresh rate.
  • VR - We all know this is a question of time before it becomes mainstream. Sony already dipped their toes in it (with mixed results) but the next generation console needs to support this even further.
  • Cross Play - It shouldn't matter anymore whether you would rather game on a Playstation or Xbox. Both should be able to communicate with each other within the games that they share.
  • Mobile App - Both the Xbox & Playstation have Apps to support their respective console. With those apps, it's currently possible to write things to the console. While the apps can also do lots of other things - the keyboard functionality is one of it's greatest strength to me. Typing, with the controller alone, is a definite pain. I would like for that app support to continue into the next generation.

I'm looking forward to the next generation of hardware. I'm also looking forward to see what's going to happen with the gaming services such as Stadia. One thing is sure is that there's definitely competition ahead!

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