Friday, July 31, 2020

3 Reasons Why I Prefer Need For Speed (2015) over Heat

As I mentioned last week, I have been playing a lot of Need For Speed Heat lately and recently decide to hop back in Need For Speed (2015) to complete the last few campaign mission... what a rush that was! There are 3 things that I prefer about Need For Speed (2015) over Heat. Those are:

  1. Controls - The "Double" tap, on gas, for drift in Heat just isn't for me. As a manual driver, I double/triple/quadruple quite frequently as a force of habit. Sometimes, I just want to slow down without pressing the breaks but when I press the gas again the "Heat" game recognize this as the drift command and I end up all over the place. The controls in Need For Speed (2015) are just perfect - mainly because you don't need to double tap for drifts. You either downshift or press the hand break (in manual) or press the breaks while driving automatic. It's intuitive and fun this way.
  2. Drifts Race - Heat is a real letdown when it comes to drifts race. You can only do them by yourself which means that you can't play them with your friends. Not only could you do drifts with your friends, in Need For Speed (2015), they also had included all sorts of different drifts (Time limit, drift train...).
  3. Point System - Ghost introduced a point system in Need For Speed (2015) that hasn't made it in following games. The purpose of the point system was to determined the type of racer you were (Speed, Outlaw, Style...). To accumulate points, you had to race a certain way or do missions specific to the type. The main reason why I love this system so much is because your highest scores were attached to the race for your friends to see and beat. Since I played Need For Speed (2015) almost entirely with my cousin, it was nice to see his score, and try to beat it, for each of the events - it's a bit more interesting than to simply try to beat a "best time".
A honorable mention, that didn't make it to this list because I'm probably the only one thinking this way, is the real actors aspect of Need For Speed (2015). It was corny at times but I still preferred it over 3D rendered models. When the game was over, it almost felt like I was saying goodbye to friends.

If you haven't picked Heat, or Need For Speed (2015) up, you should. They're a lot of things to love about both games.

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