Friday, July 24, 2020

I'm Feeling the Heat!

I'm definitely feeling the heat! The Need For Speed Heat that is. My cousin and I recently started playing, a bit more seriously, Need For Speed Heat. When it came out, almost a year ago, I didn't connected to it as much as I had when Need For Speed (2015) had came out. Everything was there, the cars, the customization, the cops, the online/offline modes ... everything except a compelling driving mechanic. Drifting just feels off in the beginning and it takes a while, perhaps too long, to get used to it.

I'm sorry Ghost but you guys don't know how to create a fun arcade racer and it's mainly because you're trying to add too many driving styles in the game (why is off-road in there?). To me, Need For Speed is 3 things - arcade STREET racing action, cops and customization.

One of the main reason why Need For Speed driving mechanics feels off to me is because I played so much of The Crew 2. There are a lot of things wrong with The Crew 2 but the arcade racing is fun to master. The drifting feels right and there are many, many, things to do!

I've heard rumors that production of Need For Speed is going back to Criterion. The last racer I got from them was Need For Speed most wanted (2012) and it was generally good but a real bummer from a customization perspective. I'm hopeful that Criterion will be able to introduce fun street racing mechanics with the deep car customization Ghost first introduced back in 2015 with Need For Speed.

We live in exciting times. I can't wait to see what comes next to one of the most beloved arcade racing games ever!

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