Friday, September 25, 2020

What the heck is Project Cars 3?

 When we close our eyes and think about Project Cars we think about a driving simulator the likes of Gran Turismo or iRacing hence why the release of Project Cars 3 is a bit confusing. Project Cars 3 is definitely aimed at more casual players, which if fine, but why call it Project Cars if you decide to take on an entirely different direction with it?

Why not take the same route as Turn 10 did with their Forza series? They have the Forza Motorsports, which is geared towards simulation, and they have Forza Horizon which is a bit more geared towards arcade/open world racing. We know what to expect when buying each game.

Who exactly did they make this game for? Project Cars 2 veterans will buy this and likely be disappointed while more casual racers won't buy it because they think it's still a racing simulator. This is definitely a game that people should try before they buy...

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