Friday, January 1, 2021

The KFConsole is Going To Fail

The KFConsole is apparently a thing and let's get straight to the point … it's going to fail. It's not that I want it to fail but the first reaction gamers have when hearing about this is "is this real?" which, we have to admit, isn't a good sign. The reason why we have this reaction is because KFC is a fast food restaurant and, while it did dabbled in games before, it's not known as a video game company.

Another unlikely problem is with the chicken warmer. Sure, it's a good way to use the heat the console will generate but who in their right minds will be using this feature for it's intended purpose? One of my biggest pet-peeve is to have my controllers nice and cleaned and having my console greasy certainly doesn't sound appealing to me.

While the KFConsole seems to be checking all the right boxes, such as 4K/240FPS, to compete in the next generation war it is very unlikely that Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo are loosing sleep over the release of this console. They definitely need a better "carrot" if they want someone like me to purchase something like this.

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