Friday, January 8, 2021

Why I Rarely Buy Third Party Games on Nintendo Platforms

Nintendo makes amazing, albeit underpowered, consoles and while they're able to use those to create beautiful worlds other third party companies are often struggling to bring in the same magic with their games.
It's easier for a third party company to release a game on the PS/XBOX at the same time because the performance of those systems are relatively the same. They're able to make beautiful world pop, at 4K/HDR/60FPS, but not much love is given to the Nintendo version of their games and that's assuming they're even releasing their new game on the console.  What usually happens with the Nintendo counterpart of a game is the framerate/texture/resolution is dropped in order for the game to simply run on the device. This, somewhat, lazy approach to the Nintendo consoles from third party companies is why I don't usually pay much attention to any third party games. 

The solution to this problem is an obvious, but costly, one: Third party companies need to create experiences tailored to the Nintendo switch rather than try to bring a dumbed down PS/Xbox version of the game. Simply changing the art direction, something that would still pop in lower resolution, could be the solution to this problem. 
Square Enix, in their attempt to please old fans of the Dragon Quest series, has done something amazing with Dragon Quest XI by giving the player the ability to change the art style, from 3D to 2D, on the fly. Sure, they didn't do this specifically for the Nintendo Switch but their experiment proved that it's possible to tell a story across multiple art styles. 

Don't just release a dumb down version of a game - the Switch is a different, underpowered, system that is widely popular and offers a different experience than other consoles. Learn to take full advantage of it!

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