Friday, March 19, 2021

Why I prefer Console Gaming

My gaming habits has shifted quite significantly throughout the years but I usually prefer spending my gaming time on consoles over PC.

The reasons for this are simple:
  • Less cheaters - It's a bit more difficult to cheat, in online games, on consoles due to not being able to access/edit game files easily.
  • No optimization required - Playing on PC often means that you have to spend time in the display related menus trying to optimize your game.
  • Controls are Optimized - When playing games on PC, I often get lost with the controls. Some games take full advantage of the keyboard and mouse but often end up taking too many keys.
  • Controllers are More Comfortable - Personally prefer holding a controller than a Keyboard/mouse for most type of games.
  • Easier to Party Up - You don't need Discord, or other related software, to make a party.
  • Dedicated Servers - Playing games online doesn't require any sort of server setup.
  • Cheaper than a PC - They may not be as powerful, or upgradable, but they are a cheaper way to game than on PC.
  • Can re-sell physical games - I like being able to buy/sell physical copies of games and not have them tied up to a particular account.
  • Keyboard/Mouse support - Some games does support mouse/keyboard on console nowadays too.
Mind you, PC gaming still have it's advantages but I mainly play games that are just not playable, comfortably, on consoles - such as strategy/CRPG/MMORPG type of games. 

Do you prefer console gaming over PC? Comment below!

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