Friday, April 2, 2021

Have you Played The Crew 2 Lately?

I love racing games and the one I played most, in the last 5 years, is The Crew 2 and every time I come back to this game I'm surprised to find some additional things that I can do within the game. The latest patch further extended the experience by adding additional levels of rewards with new ways to earn them.

What makes this arcade racing game stand out over its competitor is its end game content. Every week, the Live Event, the end game racing activities, changes introducing new races, or the old races with a twist, and how well you do at them will determine the type of reward you get.
With the latest patch, the end game hasn't changed but you now have additional benefits in doing them as you can level up your battle pass for even more rewards.

Another thing I enjoy about the game is that they've left reality behind and are now tinkering in the realm of fantasy. What I mean by this, is you can unlock items such as glowing paint, tires that light up, animated windows, crazy neon lights ... making each car feel like it comes from a pixar film which works well within the world of The Crew 2.

One thing that sucks about the game is the PVP. While you'll still find plenty of people driving around the vast game world, the PVP lobbies are usually empty which makes it very difficult to make any progress in unlocking the rewards tied to that side of the game.

If you haven't pick up The Crew 2, or picked it up and haven't played in a while, you should - especially if you've gotten a new console since everything has been adapted to take advantage of the extra power.

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