Friday, April 9, 2021

Have You Tried Outriders?

If you have Xbox Gamepass then there's no reason for you not to pick up Outriders right away. If you don't have Gamepass, then you may want to try the demo first.

Outriders' setting grabbed me from the very beginning up to the point that I'm at now. In the first hour of the game, the story seems to be changing direction quite a bit. You think you know where this is going but there's a twist and something it goes someplace else. This happens a few times within the first hour of gameplay but eventually rest on the premise of "go here and kill this" or "go there and pick that" that is quite common in games of the same genre (think Destiny 2, The Division...). 

If you pick up this game with the intention of playing it as a cover/shooter - you'll be bored in no time as there's nothing revolutionary here. Where the game shines, from a gameplay perspective, is in the unique skills/skill tree available. At a certain point in the game, you get to choose which, of the 4, specialty to go with and it will greatly impact how you play the game. When facing overwhelming enemies, that bullets alone can't seem to kill fast enough, activating your skills can quickly turn the tide of battle. Depending on how you develop your skill tree, using those skills could be necessary.
Sure, you can still play this as a looter shooter by putting points towards skills that re-enforce gunplay but, again, the skills are what makes this game stand out.

According to reviews online, this game is the definition of "Mixed Reviews" but if you have Gamepass then definitely give this game a chance.

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