Friday, April 16, 2021

Deep Rock Galactic Should have Sold More

According to, Deep Rock Galactic sold roughly 2 million copies as of January, 2021 which, while impressive, is still quite low considering just how crazy good the game is. Don't believe me? Just look at the steam reviews!

What is Deep Rock Galactic? The folks at Ghost Ship Games created an entirely new genre here that has a flair of roguelike elements with Perks and FPS added into the mix. The goal of the game is mostly to mine precious minerals that are deep underground while trying to stay alive as both the environment and underground monsters are trying to kill you. It's fun in single player mode but truly shines in 4 player coops.

One of the coolest thing the Ghost Ship Games crew are doing is purring it a crazy amount of post-launch support. I hadn't played in a few months and was pleasantly surprised at seeing the new missions, gears and the quality of life improvements. As a side note, release 35 will include mod support for the steam version of the game.

The game is on Gamepass but even if it wasn't - you should buy and play this game.

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