Friday, June 11, 2021

The Only 2 Free Games I Spent Money On

I'm not a fan of the "freemium" game model as there's literally no limit to the amount of money you can spend on them. You know that by playing them that you will reach a point where you will be heavily influenced to spend money in order to make any significant progress. I made it a point not to get too involved with these games but I do have 2 exceptions - 2 games that I allowed myself to not only play but also purchase some digital items. Those games are:

  • Rocket League - The funny thing about Rocket League is that I never bought any in-game items when you had to pay for the game but started buying passes when it first started being "free-to-play".  The pass adds nothing to the game other than customization options for your vehicle which I find pretty neat.
  • Pokemon Go - My sister got me into Pokemon Go recently (after I stopped playing shortly after it first came out) and I've spent a few dollars on it to expand the amount of items I can carry.

So far, I haven't gone too crazy with the purchases but I know that there's no limit to what I can spend on them. Since I enjoy both of these games, I don't mind throwing a bit of my money at them.

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