Friday, June 25, 2021

Why Create a DnD game with no story?

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance came out but who is it for? If it was meant for DnD fans then they should of created a game with more of a story.
While I'm not too familiar with the DnD lore, at least not in its entirety, I still know that its lore is extensive and spread throughout hundreds of official books. It seems like Dark Alliance is called a "DnD game" but it doesn't feel like it's taken enough of the DnD lore to be considered as one as the story is very basic here.

The story kicks off with an epic video but then falls flat a few hours in as you're not really made aware how the story is progressing. You get dropped into a dungeons, you kill a bunch of bad guys and then you start over again in another dungeon... you never really know how what you're doing is impacting the goal you're trying to achieve. Who are those bad guys? Is killing them bringing me closer to the end?

I feel like they're trying to do a looter "a la Destiny" but even Destiny kept you in the loop with the story via cut-scenes or simply via the interactions with your ghost. In my few hours with Dark Alliance, I haven't seen anything like this. 

Don't get me wrong, as many reviewers pointed out, the story isn't Dark Alliance's only problem right now but it certainly is a weirdest thing NOT to have figured out in a Dungeons and Dragons based game considering how much lore is available everywhere. 

It really sucks that Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance came out in the state that it was in. It feels like its been a while since we got a good game from the DnD universe.
If you're curious about the game, it's currently included on Gamepass but even there I find it difficult to recommend.

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