Friday, August 20, 2021

Keyforge is Just Okay

I mentioned before that I got my hands on some Keyforge cards and the more I read about it the more excited I got. I had seen, and played, a few games but I wasn't experienced enough with the game to know about its flaws. Recently, I got to play with my cousin and we really got into meat of things. The below are a few negative that we've found while playing:
  • Too Many Cards with Statuses - There were times when we had 5-6 creatures each and each one of them had an effect that could be activated. Keeping track of it all was a bit confusing near the end of the duel.
  • Description is Hit or Miss - Being new to the game, we constantly had to refer to the rules whenever a card had a status that we didn't quite understand. Sometimes, we didn't know exactly what to do even after reading about it online.
  • Some cards are a Real Pain - When we played, we had decks with an artifact that prevented anyone from creating more than 1 keys than the other person. This, severely, slowed down the game almost to a halt as there was always one player that struggled to get the Amber necessary to create the keys. Without this artifact, the game would of been a lot faster.
  • The Deck Plays Itself - While there's strategy involved, most often I felt like the deck was playing me rather than me playing it. The choice of houses, while an innovative concept, creates unique situations every game but there's a great incentive on playing every card of the chosen house every turn as that's the only way you get to draw more cards. If I couldn't play the card of the chosen house on my turn, I would often just discard it in order to try my luck with an extra draw rather than saving it. If you do choose to save it, then you need to chose that house again in order to play it and you may not have as many options in your hand for that house next time you play it. Almost feels like you're fighting with the deck a little bit here as well as fighting your opponent.
  • Lots of Similar Cards Between Decks - If you're battling a deck that has a house (or more) in common with yours, from the same set, then you'll likely come across the same cards or strategy.  This isn't really bad but in our case it did kind of created weird situations where a few of our cards were not useful against each other (such as an Untamed card that could kill an opponent creature as long as he didn't own any Untamed ... which both of us did). 

Keyforge is still an interesting game that I want to continue to play but it's not without its frustrations. Maybe I feel this way because I do have a Magic the Gathering background and expect this to be the same. The biggest problem I'm facing right now is actually finding people that want to play this game. Even without Covid, this wasn't really a popular game in my local game store... I'm curious to see how it'll go once things start back up again.

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