Friday, June 17, 2022

Hotwheels Unleased Paid "Modules" DLCs is Wrong

Hotwheels Unleashed is an amazing arcade racing game that, to me, rivals the likes of Track Mania and Mario Kart in some areas. While it's possible to create your own tracks, using "modules", the developer deemed fit to block some of these modules behind a paywall which is a bad idea.

Paid modules, or anything that hinders user generated content, is a bad idea...

User generated tracks gives life to Hotwheels Unleashed online multiplayer. Why, then, would you do anything to discourage users from creating more varied tracks? Give the map creators all the tools they need to keep creating new tracks as that's what, ultimately, is breathing continuous life to the online multiplayer.

We're at a point now where game companies understand that paid DLCs shouldn't steer too far from being cosmetic only. For the most part, Hotwheels Unleashed developers understand this as they mostly introduce cars, that are on par with in-game cars in terms of abilities, and misc. decoration for your in-game room as paid DLCs. However, some of those DLCs are things that track creators could use to make their tracks more interesting and the more interesting maps are being introduce the more players are engaged.

Don't do anything to hinder player engagement of your game.

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