Friday, August 5, 2022

Let's Rethink Racing Games Career Modes

Career modes in racing games are often barebone requiring the user to win event after event to completion. While some companies have spiced things up by adding a storyline into the mix it's still very much a "win all to complete" affair in most cases.

Needing to win every event in order to complete a racing game makes for a lazy career mode. There's not a racer that ever lived that could say he's won every race he registered in. Why, then, is this the requirement in most racing games career mode? 
Essentially it boils down to this: People hate loosing therefor racing games are designed to make the player win. If the game is designed to make the player win then why would they design a career mode that would be anything else than to have the player win every race?

Folks at Kylotonn seems to have understood this with their WRC and V-Rally 4 games. These games have career modes that don't require you to win everything you set your eyes on. In those games, winning is good and loosing isn't fatal unless you loose badly often as you won't get enough money from the events to maintain your crew. How well you progress in those careers also determines the events that will come your way which makes every playthrough feel unique.

Kylotonn, which was an unknown company to me as of 2 months ago, showed me a better career package than what I was used to. I would love to see those types of careers in the likes of Forza, Dirt, Grid, Gran Turismo... as we need to move away from the "point and click and win" type of events. If you add a storyline, but still require the player to win everything in the background, then it's just adding fluff without fixing the issue.

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