Friday, October 30, 2020

HyperBrawl Tournament Is Okay

HyperBrawl Tournament is said to be inspired by Mario Striker and Rocket League. Having played, I can see some of those games in HyperBrawl Tournament but not enough of it.

The appeal of Mario Striker and Rocket League, or other fake/arcade sports such as NBA Jam, NBA Street etc.., is in the simplicity of the controls. They are "pick up and play" titles because you only need to learn 3-4 buttons/mechanics to get started - the difficulty comes from figuring out the best time to press those buttons.

My biggest drawback from playing HyperBrawl Tournament is the controls need some getting used to. There's a button to pass, shoot, punch, kick, special ability, use of item, you need both analogs (controller)... Add this to few items (grapple, wall, sword...etc) you can equip and you've effectively built a game with a learning curve that I don't want to go through.

I would of liked this game to be more like Mario Striker. By that, I mean:
  • Bigger arena.
  • Simpler controls - Pass/Shoot/Steal - with a special ability that increases the power of those Pass/Shoot/Steal.
  • Faster Gameplay.
  • More players in each teams - Maybe a "Hero" with standard minions.
  • Include a Goalkeeper.
HyperBrawl Tournament isn't a bad game - it just didn't use enough of the supposed games it was inspired from (Mario Striker/Rocket League). If you want to give it a try, it's currently available on every major consoles and PC.

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